Get CBAM data from your suppliers and file quarterly reports. Hassle free.

Cbamboo makes sure EU importers can comply with CBAM rules and avoid fines. Our platform is the one-stop CBAM resource for trade compliance, tax, and sustainability teams. Click, click, CBAM.

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“The EU's pioneering carbon border tax... implementation will be tricky”

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“A new tax on greenhouse gases... it's a big deal”

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“CBAM will force producers globally to accelerate efforts to cut their carbon footprint”

Our product journey

Cbamboo is building a unique solution to the challenges of CBAM.

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Drive down supplier emissions

By analysing granular data on embodied emissions, our platform will show the carbon impact of switching suppliers. You can use this data to engage with your supply chain and get the results you need, significantly improving your sustainability outcomes.

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Minimise your CBAM costs

Getting your CBAM costs as low as possible can give you a significant competitive advantage. CBAM payments need to be spread over time in the most efficient possible way. Our analytics platform will help you map upcoming shifts in carbon prices - and plan accordingly.

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Stay on top of your reporting

Exporters have to report to their customers. Importers have to report to the EU. The CBAM requires a bespoke process to record direct and indirect emissions. We are building tools to help both importers and their suppliers stay compliant, every quarter.

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Our Story

Today’s business leaders believe in using their impact for good. As we confront a climate emergency, leaders are racing to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in their supply chain. Regulation like CBAM can create a level playing field that rewards those who cut emissions the fastest.

We build products that make sense of carbon border taxes. Why? Because these leaders inspire us. Because they are the pioneers who will usher in a low-carbon future. Because Net Zero relies on all of us.

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